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Dostęp do aborcji i antykoncepcji jest ważną sprawą. Życie kobiet, ich potrzeby i wybory są ważne.

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  • Aborcja Bez Granic powiększą się o Ciocia Wienia Ciocia Czesia i Supporting Abortions For Everyone 🧡

    Aborcja Bez Granic- największy dostawca aborcji w Polsce, powiększa się o trzy nowe grupy! Od teraz Aborcję Bez Granic… Więcej »

  • The Politicians Using Contraception as a Smoke Screen

    Republicans in the United States are using support for contraception as a smokescreen. Don’t buy it. Więcej »

  • The Hyde Amendment, Its Consequences, and Why It Must Be Repealed

    The Hyde amendment is worse than a lack of compassion; it is a potential death sentence. Więcej »

  • An Intersection between Housing and Reproductive Justice

    Reproductive Health Advocates must support housing as a human right to uphold reproductive justice. Więcej »

  • Catholics for Choice

    A religious group standing up for gender equality and reproductive rights. Więcej »

  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    With Internet Verification Becoming more common, VPNs are more important than ever. Więcej »

  • Proactive Activism, not just Reactive Activism

    If we only react, we cannot shape our futures. Więcej »

  • Let's Talk about the Safe Haven Baby Box

    In January of 2023, the baby was placed inside a Safe Haven Baby Box in Ocala, Florida. It's the first baby to be left… Więcej »

  • No Surprise: Abortion Bans and Violence Against Pregnant People Go Together

    On May 12, 2023, in a parking lot in Dallas, Texas, 26-year-old Gabrielle Gonzalez was murdered by her boyfriend, 22 Więcej »

  • Mifepristone Isn’t Missing

    It’s still safe, & still out there. Więcej »

  • Mifepristone is Still a Safe Pill

    Christian Nationalism is wrong, the Texas judge is wrong, Mifepristone is safe to take Więcej »

  • Trans rights, Abortion Rights, and fighting Transphobia

    Fighting abortion stigma, transphobia, and the ongoing fight for bodily autonomy Więcej »

  • Where Do Abortion Pills Come From?

    Common ways people in the US find them. Więcej »

  • When Misoprostol is All You’ve Got

    Medication abortion without mifepristone. Więcej »

  • No Matter what One Judge says, the Safety and Effectiveness of Mifepristone Has Not Changed

    For those following the news surrounding abortion rights in the United States, it is common knowledge that mifepristone… Więcej »

  • SMA Doesn’t Look Like a Horror Movie

    Fight fear with accurate info Więcej »

  • Become a Safe, Trustworthy Source of Abortion Pill Info

    Join one of our virtual trainings! Więcej »

  • If It Looks like Antis Want People to Die for Their Pregnancies, It's Because They Do

    January 20th marked the 50th anniversary of the March for Life, and the first since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in… Więcej »

  • Planning for Your Self-Managed Abortion

    Be prepared, be safe, be comfortable! Więcej »

  • 3 Times When Your Abortion Stigma Might be Triggered and What to do About It

    As people working for abortion justice, it's difficult to sit with the fact that we carry untrue and dangerous beliefs… Więcej »