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  • Become a Safe, Trustworthy Source of Abortion Pill Info

    Join one of our virtual trainings! Więcej »

  • If It Looks like Antis Want People to Die for Their Pregnancies, It's Because They Do

    January 20th marked the 50th anniversary of the March for Life, and the first since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022. As predicted, it was a celebration of the end of Roe , and confirmed what those working for abortion justice have long known to be true: The pregnant person is most… Więcej »

  • Planning for Your Self-Managed Abortion

    Be prepared, be safe, be comfortable! Więcej »

  • 3 Times When Your Abortion Stigma Might be Triggered and What to do About It

    As people working for abortion justice, it's difficult to sit with the fact that we carry untrue and dangerous beliefs about abortion that are harmful to people who seek abortion care, also known as abortion stigma .  It can be particularly intense when we're confronted by others with those… Więcej »

  • Stay Warm, Stay Safe

    Being ready when the weather outside is frightful. Więcej »

  • How Many Abortions Can I Have?

    As many as you need. Więcej »

  • December is a Great Time to Spread the Word about Abortion Pills

    There is no bad time to let people know about the existence of abortion pills, but during the dense brick of time between Christmas and New Year's is particularly important. Why? People are together. Regardless of whether or not you spend time with family or observe any holidays in December Więcej »

  • How to Talk (Or Not Talk) about Abortion at Holiday Gatherings (or Any Time)

    The holidays are upon us and that means potentially sitting around and talking to people whose politics may or may not resemble yours. You might head into these gatherings dead set on not having uncomfortable conversations, but that doesn't mean they won't happen. You might decide the… Więcej »

  • Here are the 4 Organizations Responsible for Most Fake Clinics

    Before we get to the names, a quick review of fake clinics (also known as crisis pregnancy centers ): they're anti-abortion organizations masquerading as actual medical clinics, but in fact provide no medical services. They do peddle inaccurate information about pregnancy, abortion,  and sex Więcej »

  • How Long Do Abortion Pills Last?

    Tips for managing an emergency supply. Więcej »

  • All Abortion Bans are Bad

    We can't afford to be complacent. Więcej »

  • More Difficult is not Impossible

    Refusing to give up on making abortion accessible. Więcej »

  • No More Coat Hanger Imagery, Please. Here's Why

    We don't need to be provocative or distracted Więcej »

  • Who can and can’t use abortion pills?

    Hint: most people can! Więcej »

  • There Will Be Blood

    What to know about bleeding during SMA. Więcej »

  • Aborcja bez Granic wsparła już prawie 80,000 osób w Polsce!

    W trakcie drugiego roku od ogłoszenia pseudo wyroku Trybunału Konstytucyjnego grupy działające w ramach Aborcji Bez Granic pomogły 44 tysiącom osób z Polski w dostępie do aborcji. Ponad 1200 osób mogło przerwać ciążę w zagranicznej klinice w drugim trymestrze. Wsparcie finansowe wyniosło ponad 1… Więcej »

  • How Long Does a Self-Managed Abortion Take?

    Planning your time for safety and comfort. Więcej »

  • Abortion pills for the sensitive stomach

    Tips for preventing and coping with nausea Więcej »

  • Your own, private abortion

    Abortion pills are a scientifically tested means of terminating an early pregnancy, but the benefits of using them actually go beyond their efficacy and safety. Let's take a look. You can take the pills at home, or in a place where you feel secure. If you opt for abortion pills and go to a… Więcej »

  • Three fascinating facts about medication abortion

    It’s safe, effective, and in demand! Więcej »