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  • How to Talk (Or Not Talk) about Abortion at Holiday Gatherings (or Any Time)

    The holidays are upon us and that means potentially sitting around and talking to people whose politics may or may not… 続きを読む »

  • Here are the 4 Organizations Responsible for Most Fake Clinics

    Before we get to the names, a quick review of fake clinics (also known as crisis pregnancy centers ): they're anti 続きを読む »

  • How Long Do Abortion Pills Last?

    Tips for managing an emergency supply. 続きを読む »

  • All Abortion Bans are Bad

    We can't afford to be complacent. 続きを読む »

  • More Difficult is not Impossible

    Refusing to give up on making abortion accessible. 続きを読む »

  • No More Coat Hanger Imagery, Please. Here's Why

    We don't need to be provocative or distracted 続きを読む »

  • Who can and can’t use abortion pills?

    Hint: most people can! 続きを読む »

  • There Will Be Blood

    What to know about bleeding during SMA. 続きを読む »

  • Abortion Without Borders helps almost 80,000 people access abortions in place of the Polish state

    Two years on from Poland’s decision to effectively ban abortion, members of Abortion Without Borders have supported 78 続きを読む »

  • How Long Does a Self-Managed Abortion Take?

    Planning your time for safety and comfort. 続きを読む »

  • Abortion pills for the sensitive stomach

    Tips for preventing and coping with nausea 続きを読む »

  • Your own, private abortion

    Abortion pills are a scientifically tested means of terminating an early pregnancy, but the benefits of using them… 続きを読む »

  • Three fascinating facts about medication abortion

    It’s safe, effective, and in demand! 続きを読む »

  • How to talk to people in your life about abortion positivity

    It's always been important to publicly demonstrate support for abortion, but now, as the number of states with full… 続きを読む »

  • 6 facts about Kansas's layered abortion past and present

    On August 2, 2022, voters in Kansas rejected a proposed change (known as the Value Them Both Amendment ) to the state… 続きを読む »

  • We’re Not Gonna Take It

    Angry voters push back on abortion restrictions 続きを読む »

  • Abortion impacts mental health, but not in the way you think

    People feel all sorts of things after they have abortions 続きを読む »

  • A new kind of gag rule?

    State-level attempts to criminalize talking about abortion 続きを読む »

  • Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    People we appreciate right now 続きを読む »

  • If you're confused right now, it's because you're supposed to be

    Every day we're waking up to a new abortion landscape 続きを読む »