5 ways you can help abortion seekers right now, no matter where you live

hari Minggu, Maret 27, 2022 blog Share

You can make an impact on abortion access in your daily life

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The present and future of abortion access in the US is rapidly deteriorating, and for many, it's been doing so for a long time. States like California, Vermont, and Colorado are stepping up and codifying reproductive freedom, while Texas, Idaho, Missouri, and Florida continue in their quest to march people who can get pregnant off a cliff. It looks bleak, and in many ways, it is, but you can make an impact on abortion access in your daily life, regardless of where you live. Here's how:

  • Talk about abortion.

Don't fall into the trap of avoiding the topic of abortion when you talk about reproductive health (or anything else for that matter). Use the word "abortion," instead of "women's health," "right to choose," or any of the other euphemisms. Refusing to say "abortion" implies that there's something wrong with it, that it's a bad word, and that those seek abortion are also bad.

  • Destigmatize your language around abortion and who gets them

When you do talk about abortion, be conscious of how. Do you say things like "I could never have an abortion, but…," or "No one wants to get an abortion"?  Do you talk about only cis women having the right to abortion? You can be an abortion advocate and still perpetuate abortion stigma -- we've all been indoctrinated to believe that abortion is wrong. What we can do is interrogate our beliefs about abortion and who gets abortions, and liberate our thinking so we can be better activists and supporters.

  • Spread the word about fake clinics

Unfortunately, a lot of folks still don't know that crisis pregnancy centers exist, or that they prey on vulnerable people, or that they aren't actual medical facilities. But you can fight back by letting people know what CPCs are and what they do. Learn about where the CPCs are in your area (trust us, there's more than one), and call them out on social media and review sites like Google and Yelp.

  • Talk about the existence of self-managed abortion

Abortion pills are in the news a lot more often these days, but that doesn't mean everyone you know is aware that they exist, and you can help change that. There's tons of false information about abortion pills out there, so be sure you're getting your facts from sources that believe in actual science (like us). Visit the SASS instagram page for information that you can share, as well as posts on this blog.

  • Donate money, time and/or social media to abortion funds

Abortion funds connect people who are pregnant and don't want to be with all or some of the means to access abortion. If you're able to donate to an abortion fund (every amount helps), go for it. Regardless of your financial position, spread the word about the work abortion funds do, follow funds on social media, and find out if you can volunteer with a fund in your area.