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Sexually empower women, sovereign power over her bodily decisions. Pace Foundation strives to bring about gender equality in sexual and reproductive related issues with participatory approaches. Including men and women from all walks of life for sexual awareness and motivation for safer and equally enjoyable sex.
Location: Pakistan

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Key projects:

Reducing Unsafe abortion in rural areas of Sindh and Sexual and reproductive health education for young people of Sindh. 

Expertise offered:

Best advocacy skills at regional level, experience of Peace Foundation working in high-risk situations

Dream project:

Women and girls will  be informed for their seuxal and reproductive rights, they will use contraceptives, demand for safe medical and safe surgical abortion rights, they will come to Medical abortion Consultation  for medical abortion and consultation for surgical abortion as women go to other medical clinics for treatment. They will have facilities at medical abortion consultatation centers for  safe medical abortion and refereal services for surgical abortions. there will have referal facilties to medical clininics for post abortion care also. Women will have free tranportation facility to reach medical clinic for safe surgical abortion.  Peace Foundation will conduct community mobilization meetings, advocacy meetings with abortion service providers and journalist in order to create debates  and conversation on abortion right.There will be website for consultation of medical abortion amd SRH issues.Thus women will have facilities to get consultation and services against unwanted pregnancies.  Women and girls of desert and uraban area will be empowered to advocate, negotiate and demand for their sexual and reproductive rights through community meetings. Women and girls will have privacy to get consultation for medical and surgical abortion through website in local language Urdu.




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