what we do


Women Help Women links activists, organizations and researchers around the world. We work to increase the availability of reproductive health choices needed to control our reproductive lives. Our work is non-profit.

Our work is based on collaborative, participatory, feminist effort that employs diverse strategies to advance access, knowledge and the sharing of resources. We focus on activism, information and access, locally and globally. We direct women towards reliable and safe services and aim to engage them in political activism.

We believe in sharing information, knowledge and resources. Click here to see what services and expertise the Partners can offer


Why is this work important?

  • Women’s lives matter.  Millions of women around the world suffer the consequences of unwanted pregnancies or of having an unsafe abortion.  This is a violation of our right to health and our right to control our bodies.
  • Women Help Women understands that for women, controlling our fertility, through effective contraception methods and safe abortion, is an integral part of our right to health and to equality, and our right to make our own decisions about our futures.
  • Women Help Women was created because we believe that every woman has the right to decide when and if to become a parent. Join us!

We believe that by standing together we can be stronger.  Partner with us!