Domestic Violence and Safe Abortion Access

วันอาทิตย์, มกราคม 23, 2022 บล็อก Share

Two important, interconnected issues.

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In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence exploded all around the world. In the US alone, the rate of spousal/partner abuse increased by 30%. What does that mean for abortion access, and what can you do about it?

For one thing, lots of victims have been isolated with their abusers at various points of the pandemic, reducing their ability to escape or even to get help and support. Even as things have eased, abusers have grabbed the opportunity to tighten their grip in ways like refusing to allow their partners to leave the house, forcing them to endure high-risk situations, refusing to let them use hand sanitizer or masks, or withholding insurance cards to make health care harder to access.

Another part of the equation is reproductive coercion, or forcing a partner to get and stay pregnant against their will. In a health emergency that’s upended supply chains and forced healthcare providers to close offices or limit their hours, it’s easier than ever for abusers to sabotage contraception or simply refuse to use it, and then keep their victims from being able to access abortion care.

If you’re enduring domestic abuse or know someone who is, we want to point you to an unlikely but amazing source of help. Mystic Mag is a review site for online psychic readings, but tucked into its website is also a detailed guide to domestic violence hotlines around the world, plus advice on how to recognize and help when someone is being abused.

It might also be useful to know that abortion pills are a safe way for people to end an unwanted pregnancy without raising suspicion by needing to go to a clinic. If a person can acquire them discreetly, they can take the pills at home and tell their abuser that they don’t know why they have cramps, a light fever, or other side effects. To learn more about abortion with pills, visit, or download the Euki reproductive health app, which is designed for safety and confidentiality.