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  • Fake Clinics are a Threat to Your Overall Reproductive Health

    The damage done by CPCs extends beyond pregnant people. Więcej »

  • 5 things you probably don't know about abortion pills

    Facts about abortion pills that might surprise you Więcej »

  • Here's what the FDA decision about abortion pills actually means

    The FDA removed the requirement for mifepristone to be distributed in person Więcej »

  • Keep Your Abortion-Related Reading Private

    It’s never been more important to protect your online activity. Więcej »

  • Abortion Without Borders helps almost 32,000 Polish people in second year

    Abortion Without Borders (Aborcja Bez Granic) has helped almost 32,000 people from Poland to access abortions in its second year of existence. Więcej »

  • Join the volunteer SASS social media team!

    Help inform the world about abortion with pills. Więcej »

  • Good News: These Ohio cities just said "no" to banning abortion

    Ohio lawmakers have proposed their own version of Texas's SB8 (the six-week abortion ban wreaking havoc on those seeking abortion care in the state), except this one is somehow even worse - it's a total abortion ban . Ohio's current abortion restrictions include state directed " Więcej »

  • What Ohio's proposed abortion ban has to do with abortion pill "reversal"

    This legislation has nothing to do with science Więcej »

  • California Doubles Down on Reproductive Freedom

    State asks experts for policy suggestions to ensure abortion access. Więcej »

  • A Free Online Class About Abortion With Pills

    It’s short, engaging, and packed with facts! Więcej »

  • 4 things you'll encounter if you visit a Crisis Pregnancy Center (and 1 thing you won't)

    Here's a peek at what you might expect to find Więcej »

  • Abortion Pills for the Not Currently Pregnant

    Should we keep them around, just in case? Więcej »

  • Aborcja Bez Granic pomogła 34 tysiącom osób w dostępie do aborcji od wyroku TK

    Rok roku temu – 22 października 2020 Trybunał Konstytucyjny wydał decyzję o niezgodności z konstytucją przesłanki dopuszczalności przeprowadzenia aborcji z przyczyn embriopatologicznych w ustawie antyaborcyjnej. Choć decyzja weszła w życie dopiero pod koniec stycznia, to w praktyce zmiana ta… Więcej »

  • Abortion Pills are NOT a Substitute for Making In-Clinic Abortions Accessible

    Just because they're an option for some doesn't mean that clinic access no longer matters Więcej »

  • It's not just Texas: These states are eyeing legislation like SB8

    The reality is that Texas's law is likely only the beginning. Więcej »

  • California Increases Legal Protections for Abortion Patients

    New laws protect privacy and criminalize harassment Więcej »

  • 3 Lies about Abortion in Texas's Mandated Pre-Abortion Literature

    Fear-mongering has won out over actual science Więcej »

  • Have You Heard?

    Listen and learn with some great podcasts about abortion! Więcej »

  • Mifepristone as a treatment for uterine fibroids

    What you need to know Więcej »

  • A new look for the SASS website

    Check out the updates! Więcej »