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  • CPCs: It’s Time to Expose these Fake Clinics

    Photos courtesy of Austin NOW’s CPC protests Read more »

  • El acceso a un aborto seguro es justica

    Para una mujer tomar la decisión de abortar no es nada fácil, no porque las mujeres no sean capaces de decidir qué es lo mejor para ellas en ese momento, sino por todas las barreras y el estigma al que se enfrenta al buscar terminar un embarazo no deseado. Abortar es un derecho que se nos ha negado… Read more »

  • Another day, another abortion restriction

    The right to a safe and legal abortion was determined in a Supreme Court case over 40 years ago and has been supported in more recent court cases like Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Despite this, representatives continue to use time and taxpayer resources to… Read more »

  • Information and Support on Self-Managed Abortion

    Learn more about self-managed medical abortion in the US. Read more »

  • Oklahoma Women Retain Right to Evidence-Based Treatment

    Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish overturned a 2014 state law that would have forced doctors to follow an older protocol for mifepristone Read more »

  • Undocumented Woman in Texas Blocked from Obtaining an Abortion

    A young undocumented woman in Texas has been held by federal officials to prevent her from accessing an abortion. Read more »

  • SASS in the Press!

    The SASS project has made a big splash - check out our press hits! Read more »

  • The Hypocrisy of the Right

    Why is it, decades after the establishment of abortion as a constitutional right, that we have lawmakers and leaders chipping away at abortion access and calling for the punishment of people who seek to exercise their rights? Read more »

  • House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

    Yesterday, the US House of Representatives voted on legislation that would create a national ban on abortions after 20 weeks, with minor exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. Read more »

  • Contraceptives in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

    Texas is a hostile place for women, but there are networks and programs that make contraceptives accessible for women. Read more »

  • New Study Confirms Safety of Abortion by Telemedicine

    A new study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology confirms what millions of women already know – taking the abortion pill can be just as safe via telemedicine in their own home as it is in the physical presence of a doctor. Read more »

  • Looking for reliable abortion pills in Indonesia?

    Here are the sources you can TRUST : MAMAMISO ID LINE: MAMAMISO MISOCARE ID LINE: MISOCARE SITUS: MISOSAFE SITUS: IG: @misosafe_foryou WA: 081338161007   MISO4U IG: @miso4you ID LINE: MISOFORYOU Telepon: 087881905909   WARNING:  Below is a list of… Read more »

  • We Are Not a Special Interest

    The Democratic Party's Better Deal agenda ignores a huge bottom line issue: reproductive rights. Read more »

  • How You Can Help

    How you can help spread the word about SASS Read more »

  • What is Self-Managed Abortion?

    More information about the SASS project Read more »

  • Women Help Women in Bahasa Indonesia!

    Women Help Women and our partner Samsara are excited to post a translation of the Information on Medical Abortion/Frequently Asked Questions part of the WHW website in Bahasa! We hope that this resource will help women who speak Bahasa Indonesia to have all the information that they need to have… Read more »

  • Self-Managed Abortion: Now in the USA!

    Self-managed Abortion; Safe and Supported  is a new project to provide information and support to women in the USA around self managed abortion, to reduce any negative health impact associated with unsafe abortion methods, and to ensure that self-managed abortions are medically and legally as safe… Read more »

  • Red Feminista y Lesbofeminista entrega información para el Aborto Seguro, Libre y Autónomo

    Como Red feminista y Lesbofeminista de entrega de información para un aborto libre, seguro y autónomo, estamos muy felices de compartir nuestro accionar político y concreto que llevamos construyendo a pulso, a base de rebeldía y amor entre mujeres. Juntas hemos levantado la campaña #Misopatodas la… Read more »

  • Safe Abortion Hotline in Honduras

    La Línea, in Honduras, gives safe, confidential and scientific information about safe abortion and about emergency contraception. They are the only hotline giving this information in Honduras, where there is a critical need for this support of women´s reproductive rights and health! Read more »

  • Defiéndete de la violencia obstétrica

    Women Help Women in collaboration with activists and partners in Latin America and around the world has launched a new resource as part of the May 28th International Day of Action for Women´s Health! Obstetric violence related to abortion is not always recongnized as such , but we know that women… Read more »