December is a Great Time to Spread the Word about Abortion Pills

Środa, Grudzień 14, 2022 blog Share


There is no bad time to let people know about the existence of abortion pills, but during the dense brick of time between Christmas and New Year's is particularly important. Why?

People are together. Regardless of whether or not you spend time with family or observe any holidays in December, the fact is that people are more likely to be accessible to one another in some way during this time, and you might end up seeing people who you normally wouldn't (for better or worse). If you're going to purse a conversation about abortion access, including self-managed abortion, here are some tips for doing so.

You never know what people are dealing with. Even if you're stuck eating a holiday meal with your uncle who voted for Trump (and who claims he'd do it again) it doesn't mean everyone is a lost cause. You don't have to start an argument during a meal, but finding ways to let people know that you support abortion access can help out those who might be afraid to speak up and ask questions, or admit they might need guidance or advice. Maybe it's your cousin who definitely can't talk to her parents about abortion, or your aunt whose co-worker has an unplanned pregnancy. You don't have to give the whole evening away - you can say something, or wear something, that reminds people that you're a safe person to come to.

Geography matters. Depending on where you're located, abortion may or may not be legal, and if it is legal, it's probably not accessible for everyone. With people gathered from different places, it's a good time to talk about what's going on in your state and in the country, and to assure people that we actually are not going back to the days of back alley abortions. We can manage our own abortions safely, in a place we choose, with the support we want.

You can be the connector between people who are feeling scared and alone and the information that can help them. For more on abortion pills, visit our FAQs.