our teams


Women Help Women is a unified organization based on a de-centralized, participatory and horizontal model.

Online Support team: The online team is composed of approximately 25 counselors, many of whom are multilingual.  All are trained reproductive health workers and are experienced in health provision organizations. Counselors’ professional qualifications range from communication, management, media design, psychology to sociology. The Support team communicates with online platform users, moderates the blog and works with partner organizations

Coordinative team: The Coordinative team is responsible for proposing and upon agreement of members implementing guidelines and programs for Women Help Women. They determine best strategies and oversee the Foundation’s work and external communication.

Media team: The Media team is made up of Internet technology, communication, and social media design specialists. The Media team is based internationally and is engaged in feminist activism while supporting reproductive rights and open-source practices. The Media team also ensures high-level security of the website.

Medical team and Scientific Advisors: The Medical team reviews incoming online consultations when necessary as well as overseeing complex and emergency situations.  The medical team works closely with the Online Support team, and Coordinative team. Scientific Advisors are independent individuals who offer recommendations on best practices and research and help keep medical knowledge current. 

Partners: Partnering organizations, groups, collectives and individuals form a Women Help Women network and strategize together to advance women’s choices and access to reproductive health information, services and products. The Partners are equals and work closely together on a variety of projects.

Boards of Directors:  The Board of Directors is based internationally and meets regularly. All Board Directors are experienced in organization and governance and are established in the fields of reproductive health, rights and activism. The Board of Directors guides and oversees Women Help Women, actively participates in Strategic Planning and advocates for the projects.