Proactive Activism, not just Reactive Activism

Thursday, July 27, 2023 blog Share

If we only react, we cannot shape our futures.


After the fall of Roe in 2022, there were massive protests, shock, and outrage across the United States. Many asked how this could have happened, and how they could make a change. Justifiably, many were scared for their lives and futures. People still wonder how this occurred, and how we can win our rights back. After all, with a majority of Americans identifying as pro-choice, this seems like a simple matter. So why are we still losing battles?

The answer lies in proactive versus reactive activism. Even back in 2016, the anti-choice movement was shifting strategies, often being proactive with bills being passed. While the pro-choice movement often sat complacent, allowing for conservative judicial appointments with infamous Trump justices, the pro life movement continued both proactive and reactive activism at the same time. Whether it was appointing judges, influencing policy, introducing a barrage of bills, gerrymandering legislatures, or trying to shape public perspective, the anti-choice movement was constantly proactive, and has left the pro choice segment of the population desperately playing catch up.

While we cannot change the past, we must change the future. This means we need to take a card from the anti-choice playbook, and start to work on levels both large and small to take back our power and restore rights to the American populace. We need to vote in every single election for pro choice candidates, and verify their records. We need to introduce our own bills in legislatures across the United States. We need to shape public perspective to encourage choice and value reproductive autonomy. This can be anything from running for office to making comics reaffirming the value of choice. It is conversations with friends, building connections across groups.

For decades, most individuals have remained complacent. It is well past time to start with both proactive and reactive activism. For more information about self managed abortion, activism, and reproductive rights, visit SASS at or our Facebook, or download the Euki reproductive health app.