Arm Yourself in the War on Science

Sunday, February 24, 2019 blog Share

Take the time to tell fact from fiction


If you think anti-vaccination rhetoric sounds strangely like anti-abortion rhetoric, you're not imagining things.

Both make claims that go against proven scientific fact. Vaccines do not cause autism. Abortions do not cause infertility.

Both claim that human intervention is "unnatural" and therefore bad. Childhood diseases may be "natural," but they can disable and kill. Pregnancy and birth may be "natural," but terminating a pregnancy is actually far safer than giving birth.

This isn't a coincidence. People who don't believe in modern science have a lot invested in confusing those of us who aren't scientists and whipping up emotion around topics like vaccines and abortion. Don't assume something is true just because it's on Facebook or a blog, because you heard it from a friend, or because it "feels true."

Flawed research and fake science is everywhere. At best, following it can leave you with the same problems you started with. At worst, you could end up far worse off. Make sure you're basing your decisions on information from trustworthy sources.

The information about self-managed abortion on is based on one of the world's most reputable health care research organizations, the World Health Organization. You can trust it to be up-to-date, accurate, and based on years of research and experience. We also offer a secure portal where you can ask questions about managing your own abortion with pills with safety and dignity at minimal legal risk. And that's a fact.