(Nigeria) Generation Initiative For Women and Youth Network, GIWYN


Building and strengthening women and youths in sustainable development activities, to live in a peaceful and healthier environment and to enjoy their reproductive rights. GIWYN works for a violence free society where women can enjoy social, political, cultural, economic and reproductive health rights and have their personal values and dignity maintained.
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Key projects: 

GIWYN  works on Advocacy and Abortion Stigma in Nigeria (ASTIN) funded by Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)  which has led to the establishment of a hotline in Nigeria that provided information about the use of Misoprostol and reproductive choices

Expertise offered:

Capacity Building, Advocacy, Networking, Gender equality, Project Planning, Research, Coalition Building.

Dream project:

To continue to expand and increase access to information through the IVR hotline about   reproductive health and safe abortion with misoprostol  to other states in Nigeria, so that all  women who need abortion can access it  even despite the restrictive law without being stigmatized. 



Ms Rosy hotline: http://giwynn.org/ms-rosy/

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