(Tanzania) Women's Promotion Centre


The mission of WPC is to foster and empower women groups, to build a strong women movement from the grassroots to bring positive change of individual behavior and social policy context toward the respect of women’s rights.
Location: Kigoma, Tanzania

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Key projects:

Gender Discrimination and Violence: in this area, WPC empowers local communities to create awareness of gender, its dynamics and effects on women's welfare and the society. We support the communities to take actions that promote understanding and behavior change towards gender equality.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR): in this area the focus is on community mobilization strategies to increase women and girls' access to life saving sexual and reproductive information, promote access to quality and safe reproductive services, promote safe motherhood, prevent unsafe abortions and advocate for policy change to achieve reproductive rights for women and youth.

Expertise offered:

WPC has expertise in going directly to and talking to women themselves as problem bearers and victims at the community level. This approach is key for saving women’s lives and improving community health. We raise community awareness adopting the power of word and individual contact to address the major causes of maternal mortality, reducing stigma towards abortion, and increasing women’s access to contraceptives and life-saving commodities. WPC has also expertise in policy analysis and development of advocacy strategy using the Human Rights framework and right-based approach.

Dream project:

Empowered communities  where women and young people exercise their rights free from violence, coercion and stigma by engaging and capacitating individuals (women, men and youth) and organizations, coalitions and networks at community and national levels to promote and advocate for women rights in Tanzania, with a special concern for SRHR.



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