Your own, private abortion

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Abortion pills are a scientifically tested means of terminating an early pregnancy, but the benefits of using them actually go beyond their efficacy and safety. Let's take a look.

You can take the pills at home, or in a place where you feel secure.

If you opt for abortion pills and go to a clinic, you will be more than likely have to take mifepristone in front of a doctor or other healthcare practitioner, (reminder that there's no reason why a person should have to do this - it's not medically necessary) and then be given misoprostol to take at home. If you get abortion pills by mail, you'll take mifepristone and misoprostol on your own, and you can decide where and when it feels safest to do that - at your home, at a friend's, in a hotel room, etc. Be sure you have access to ibuprofen for pain, as well as access to information on what to expect, how the pills work, the signs of complications (rare, but you should still know), and to be able to get to a medical care facility within one to two hours.

No one needs to know you used the pills.

Abortion pills initiate a procedure that's like a miscarriage, and no matter what anyone tells you, doctors can't tell if you used the pills so you can say you're having a miscarriage if you do go to the hospital. (Unless you insert them into the vagina - then they may leave traces that can be found.) If you don't want to tell, or can't tell, a parent/partner/family member/guardian that you took the pills, you don't have to - the misoprostol causes flu-like symptoms that wrap up within 6 hours of using it, and cramps can be managed with ibuprofen, so you can say you're having your period and/or a brief sickness. No one needs to know you're pregnant/having an abortion.

You can decide who you want with you when you take the pills.

It's advisable to tell someone that you took the pills (for emotional support, also someone who could take you to a hospital if needed, bring you medicine, etc), but you get to decide who that person is and how/when they help. Abortion pills afford a degree of privacy that's not possible with a visit to the clinic. If you're in an unsafe situation, you don't want to deal with a healthcare provider misgendering you, you can't get to a clinic, or you'd just rather terminate your own pregnancy, the pills could be a good option.

It's super effective and safe.

The mifepristone/misoprostol combination of pills work 98% of the time if one takes them at less than 12 weeks into pregnancy. If one uses misoprostol on its own, that works 85-95% of the time. Abortion pills are safe, don't lead to any long-term health issues or cause infertility. You should be able to choose how you end your pregnancy, and that means having access to accurate medical information, as well as privacy.