This kids' book is the first of its kind, and that's not all that makes it revolutionary

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What's an Abortion, Anyway? is a picture book that's medically accurate, gender-inclusive, and affirming of the many reasons people have abortions

Abortion book

We learn to stigmatize abortion when we're children, when we absorb the messages we get from the adults in our lives. It's rooted in the way people who have abortions are talked about, how they're marginalized and silenced, in the use of words like "responsibility," the way we talk about who has sex, with whom, and when, and what girls and young women are told to be and to avoid being. These messages accumulate in our brains and soon, abortion stigma has embedded itself, and we have to do the work of chipping away at it. If only there was a way to start things out differently, to present abortion in a way that's positive and normal and real, without gendering it. Well, now there is.

What's an Abortion, Anyway? is a picture book that's medically accurate, gender-inclusive, and affirming of the many reasons people have abortions, intended to enable open and generous conversation with kids around abortion. "To our knowledge, there are no published books in the United States about abortion for children under the age of 13," wrote the book's writer, Carly Manes, and illustrator Emulsify (Mar), both abortion doulas, on the book's Kickstarter page.. The book tackles surgical abortion and self-managed abortion, as well as the feelings people might have after abortion, emphasizes that no matter why someone has an abortion, or how they feel about it, they deserve to be treated with love and respect.

When creating the art for the book, Emulsify spoke with storytellers from We Testify, an organization dedicated to amplifying to voices of those who have had abortions via leadership, representation, and storytelling, centering folks of color, queer people, those from rural communities, and more. The We Testify storytellers recounted their abortion stories, and shared images for the book.

Manes and Emulsify want to provide a free copy of What's an Abortion, Anyway? to every abortion clinic in the US, as well as libraries, bookstores.  After countless agents and publishers refused to take on the book (abortion stigma at work), the creators decided to self-publish and began a Kickstarter campaign to guarantee they have control over publishing and distribution of the book, so they can get it into the hands of those who need it, which is to say, everyone. The original goal of the campaign was $10,000, and ultimately, it raised $23, 492, surpassing their second goal of $20,000. The additional funds made it possible for the book to be translated into Spanish. The English version will be available on the book's website in September 2021, and the Spanish version in October 2021.

You can opt to self manage your own abortion. The reason that's best for you is the right reason. For more information about abortion pills, visit our FAQs.