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  • Everybody's talking about abortion pills

    When even People magazine runs an article about something, it's not a secret any more. Read more »

  • Six Sensational Reasons to Spell Abortions with an S

    A guest post by Karen Thurston Read more »

  • Have you tried Euki yet?

    Euki is the new reproductive health app that doesn't store or share your data Read more »

  • Three circumstances that might make using abortion pills right for you

    Self-managed abortion is one option for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Read more »

  • Seis cosas que debes hacer antes de usar las pastillas para abortar

    Estas precauciones hacen que el aborto con medicamentos sea más seguro y efectivo Read more »

  • ¿Qué es la incompatibilidad del factor Rh (Rhesus) y qué significa para el uso de pastillas para abortar?

    No dejes que el estigma del aborto se interponga en tu acceso a servicios de aborto Read more »

  • Nausea and Medication Abortion

    How to manage abortion with pills when you're throwing up (or think you might) Read more »

  • Es totalmente posible estar embarazada y no saberlo

    “Embarazada sin saberlo”: Esto puede sonar como la historia de una nueva serie de televisión, pero en realidad existen varias razones por las que podrías estar embarazada y no saberlo Read more »

  • Four Easy Ways to Fight Extreme Stigma

    A guest post by Karen Thurston Read more »

  • El Día Internacional de Acción para el Acceso al Aborto Seguro y Legal

    #HablemosdeAborto Read more »

  • Facebook Doesn't Need to Know When I Have Sex

    Is your phone sharing your personal business with the world? Read more »

  • Will a doctor be able to tell if you've taken abortion pills?

    Can a doctor tell if someone has used abortion pills? Read more »

  • Another US City Steps Up for Abortion Access

    Austin allocates money to help tear down logistical barriers to care. Read more »

  • Announcing Euki, A New Sexual & Reproductive Health App

    SASS is excited to introduce you to Euki – an app for anyone who wants accurate, complete, and unbiased information about sexual and reproductive health (SRH). You can download it in the Apple app store and Google Play store . Euki, a name that evokes eucalyptus, a plant associated with soothing… Read more »

  • Can you use abortion pills if you've had a caesarean section?

    Don't let stigma get in the way of facts. Read more »

  • If your pregnancy is too far along for the abortion pill, here are some organizations that can help

    If you are further along in your pregnancy and must travel to access necessary care, here are some organizations that can help: Read more »

  • They Said What Now?

    When politicians don't understand how bodies work, it's everyone's problem. Read more »

  • ¿Qué es un embarazo ectópico (y qué tiene que ver con las pastillas para abortar)?

    Las pastillas para abortar no interrumpen un embarazo ectópico Read more »

  • Is sex only for the wealthy?

    The US government seems to be saying so. Read more »

  • How to Access Emergency Contraception and Birth Control for Free

    A new campaign called Freedom to Decide is hoping to help the millions of people living in contraceptive deserts in the United States by offering access to free morning-after pills. Read more »