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Updated round-up of SASS's appearances in the press since our founding in April 2017


Since Women Help Women launched the SASS project in April 2017, we have been attracting a lot of attention in the media. Check out some of the great stories and interviews about SASS and Women Help Women in the press (updated November 2018) - and for more information, remember to visit SASS at


Rewire.News: Self-managed Abortion Highlights Need to Decriminalize Abortion Worldwide


The Verge: The future of DIY abortions is the internet, not a back-alley doctor


Boston Globe: The abortion debate doesn’t change, but the science of abortion does

Bustle: Abortion AMA: Can I Give Myself An Abortion?

JULY 2018

The Globe and Mail: The slow but steady decline of abortion access in the U.S.

JUNE 2018

Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation: Medication Abortion

MAY 2018

The Journal: How many women in Ireland request abortion pills? How safe are they? Are they illegal?

Somatosphere: (Anti)Institutional Menses: Our Blood, Our Business

WBUR: Why The Abortion Fight Is Becoming A Battle Over Health Information

APRIL 2018

Breaking News: Latest: Together for Yes launch paper on repealing the 8th; Save the 8th group to meet in Dublin

Irish Examiner: Latest: Together for Yes launch paper on repealing the 8th; Save the 8th group to meet in Dublin

The Irish Times: Pro-choice group calls for regulation of abortion pills

RTE: Group says repeal of Eighth Amendment required to regulate abortion pill usage

Together for Yes: Briefing on the proposal to regulate termination of pregnancy in early pregnancy (12 weeks): Medical abortion


Our Bodies, Ourselves: Safe and Supported: Inside the DIY Abortion Movement


Ms. Magazine: Safe and Supported: Inside the DIY Abortion Movement

Rewire.News: Self-Managed Abortion and Embodying the Principles of Reproductive Justice


Action Canada: A broad vision for reproductive justice


Moyers: What’s At Stake

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Using Abortion Pills On Your Own

MAY 2017

Bustle: The Power Of The Word “Abortion"

CBS News: Website counsels women taking abortion pills without prescription

Cultura Colectiva (Espanol): Conoce la página que te ayuda a abortar desde tu casa

Dazed: The website helping U.S women perform their own abortions

El Diario (Espanol): El aumento de leyes antiaborto en EEUU inspira una web que guía a las mujeres para hacerlo ellas mismas

Elle UK: How Women Can Get Help To Carry Out An Illegal, But Safe Abortion In The United States of America

Freethought Blogs: Women Helping Women / SASS

Glamour: A New Online Service Aims to Help Women Self-Manage Abortion

Huffington Post: Revolutionary Advances In Abortion Access: Why Not In The U.S., Too?

Huffington Post: This Website Walks Women Through Their Self-Induced Abortions

Indian Women Blog: Project ‘SASS’ Is Guiding Women Who Have Opted For Self-Induced Abortion

Kurier (German): Website will US-Frauen bei DIY-Abtreibung helfen

Latina: This New Online Service Helps People Safely Terminate Pregnancies from Home

Lifehacker: What to Do If Abortion Pills Magically Appear in Your Mailbox

Süddeutsche Zeitung (German): Hilfsorganisation legt sich mit konservativer Familienpolitik Trumps an

Think Progress: A Dutch website is helping Americans who want to safely end early pregnancies

WBUR: New Website Helps Women Who Choose To End Early Pregnancies

APRIL 2017

Abortion News Info: New website offers US women help to perform their own abortions

Actuall (Espanol): Una web en Estados Unidos promueve un medicamento abortivo: “No se necesita médico”

BBC: New website helps US women self-induce abortions

The Black Christian News Network: Website Helps Women to Self-Induce Abortions Using Pill

Broadly: After 'Handmaid's Tale' Premiere, Site Launches to Help Women with DIY Abortions

Bustle: The "Self-Managed Abortion" Website Wants To Make At-Home Abortions Safer

Christian Times: Dutch abortion activists launch website advising American women how to self-induce abortions

Cosmopolitan: This New Site Aims to Make It Safer to Have an Abortion at Home

The Daily Dot: New website wants to help women have safe self-induced abortions at home

The Guardian: New website offers US women help to perform their own abortions

Mother Jones: A New International Advice Line Will Help American Women End Their Pregnancies

The New York Post: Website provides tips for at-home abortions

Newscult: This Website Enables Women To Have Safer Home Abortions

NY Mag: Advocacy Group Launches Website to Help Women Safely Self-Induce Abortions

Opposing Views: Website Assists Women With Performing Own Abortions

Romper: Advocates Are Teaching Women To Safely Self-Induce Abortions, Because That's Where We're At

Shape: New Website Tries to Help Women Who Can't Access Abortion

Slate: With Access Under Threat, Advocates Want to Help Women Take Medication Abortion Into Their Own Hands

South Carolina Now: Website to help women self-induce abortions at home using medication

The Telegraph: New website helps American women have abortions at home

Washington Post: Group launches site to help women self-induce abortions at home, citing restrictive U.S. laws

Whimn: New Website Offering To Help Women Perform At-Home Abortions Safely

WorldNet Daily: Website offers U.S. women help with self-abortions