Pro-Choice means more than abortion

Monday, September 10, 2018 blog Share

Our aim should be to continue advocating for access to abortion without restriction while also advocating for programs that support parents


In the debate surrounding abortion, it’s easy to see why the topic is such a point of contention for people of varying opinions. One side sees the medical procedure as murder, while the other side sees it as a fundamental right. It’s obviously very difficult to reconcile these two positions or find any kind of compromise.

This stark difference in opinion is not exactly about whether it would be better if there were no abortions, but about whether it should be legal or not. We know by looking at countries where abortion is illegal in all or most cases that its criminalization does not mean its elimination. Though laws prohibiting abortion may represent the government’s opinion on abortion’s morality, the results of criminalizing it and the wishes of the government do not match. The burden of these consequences falls primarily on poorer people who cannot afford to travel to have the procedure done elsewhere, and/or feel that they may not be in a financial situation conducive to raising a child.

So, if the goal of the pro-choice movement is actual choice, advocates should take note of and feel disturbed by the amount of people who cite economic circumstances as reasons why they are seeking abortions. Even when we don’t think of abortion as “murder” or a “tragic” choice, we are allowed to be upset and disgusted by the fact that people who would otherwise want to continue their pregnancies often do not do so for economic reasons.

The goal of the pro-choice movement should be recognized as not only advocating for access to abortion, but also access to motherhood, if so desired. Pro-choice does not mean only the ability to make the choice to have an abortion, but also the ability to make the choice to continue a pregnancy and raise a child.

Our aim should be to continue advocating for access to abortion without restriction while also advocating for programs that support parents, especially those that give single parents the chance to raise children without fearing for their financial future or the health and safety of their potential child (or existing children).

Abortion is a complicated moral issue that will continue to be debated on both sides; however, it is possible to imagine a world in which people who are pregnant can freely make decisions about their pregnancies that are not affected by their financial situations: a world where we are supported by the government, not prosecuted.

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