Now There's an Abortion Fund Just for Self-Managed Abortion

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 blog Share

Abortion funds exist to remove the financial and logistical barriers to abortion


Abortion can be expensive. There's the cost of the procedure itself, which may or may not be covered by insurance. Then there's the matter of getting to the clinic, in itself an arduous task if you live in a rural area, don't own a car, can't afford to take a bus or train, or can't ask anyone for a ride. Factor in child care, the cost of taking a day or more off from work, and negotiating the abortion restrictions in your state, and you're looking at not only lots of money, but lots of stress.

Abortion funds exist to remove the financial and logistical barriers to abortion, whether it's by working with clinics to help someone seeking an abortion afford it, or helping them to access affordable childcare, transportation, or lodging.

Opting for self-managed abortions instead of an in-clinic procedure, which one may do for many reasons, from being unable to visit a clinic because of distance or safety to prefering to be in charge of one's own medical procedure, should not impact their ability to get the abortion.

Reprocare  is an abortion fund specifically dedicated to those seeking self-managed abortion. We know that communities of color, those in rural communities, and poor folks (to name just a few) lack the access to abortions that white people in urban areas may have, and especially in the era of COVID, this already enormous divide in access has been augmented. Telehealth, or the provision of health services via technological communication (like a Zoom call), enables folks who may not be able to travel to a clinic to connect with health care providers and get the care they need. Since abortion pills can be safely taken at home, they're a natural fit for a telehealth situation, but of course, you have to first be able to afford the appointment and the pills.

Reprocare strives not only to make it possible to access self-managed abortion, but to normalize and de-stigmatize it.  Self-managed abortion is often depicted as a last resort, a process undertaken only by those who have no other choice, but mifepristone and misoprostol are actually a first option for many in early pregnancy. Regardless of the reason one is seeking to use abortion pills, she should be able to do make her own decisions about her health and her future, without obstacles in her way.

In addition to being an abortion fund, Reprocare also operates Healthline, a peer- based, trauma-informed resource providing emotional support, medical information and referrals to folks self-managing their own abortions.