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Dandelion Kenya's mission is to empower women and youth especially girls through education in their endeavors and aspiration for self-reliance. We aim to achieve self-reliance through creating a sustainable, better, healthier and socially just society. We commit to advocate for gender equality and for adherence to international agreements on Human Rights.

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Key projects:

  • The “I Choose - My Life” program provides a comprehensive sexuality education to youth, (13 - 20 yrs old) in schools and out schools in Nakuru. Within the program there are 3 projects targeting adolescents’ access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information, services and their participation in development. This is through providing information to in school adolescent girls using interactive dialogues, creative writing and hosting adolescent girls panels (Girls Exchange Forums).
  • As part of the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights Alliance Kenya, Dandelion Kenya undertakes abortion advocacy working with partners to tap onto skills & knowledge to complement national efforts addressing maternal mortality in Kenya including progressive policy reforms under the Safe Abortion Advocacy Fund
  • We host the #SRHRDialogues- an online social media platform enabling discussions and advocacy on various SRHR issues.
  • Freedom For Girls - Enabling access to menstrual products and reproductive health information to girls.

Expertise offered:

Dandelion Kenya has experience developing content for comprehensive sexuality education programs, using various tools to disseminate sexual and reproductive health information including but not limited to interactive dialogues, social media and creative writing. Dandelion Kenya has extensive experience linking women’s and girls’ lived realities to global, regional and national policy advocacy including representing these voices in various spaces through speech, position papers and policy briefs.

Dandelion Kenya has extensive experience mobilizing young African feminist and using social media for organizing, advocacy and advancing dialogue. This has led to Dandelion Kenya working nationally, regionally and globally to work on issues of reproductive justice, challenge harmful practices and advance a feminist policy discourse.

Dream project:

Our session submitted to the AWID forum was successful and this presents a landmark opportunity to launch the #YAFDialogues(Young African Feminists Dialogues) hashtag, an important platform for organizing and synergizing young African feminists activism, organizing and   collective action efforts. Support to sustain this after the forum is much needed.



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Please contact  cathynyamb@gmail.com

Also accepting donations in-kind of:

Stationery, computers, sanitary towels, playthings- footballs, ropes and other field work tools