The abortion pill conversation is spreading

domingo, Dezembro 1, 2019 blog Share

The more we talk about it, the better for everyone who can get pregnant.

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No sooner had we cheered on for expanding beyond the royals and Rihanna with an article called "Everything You Need to Know About the 'Abortion Pill'" than someone tipped us off to a new article from…also called "Everything You Need to Know About the Abortion Pill." And this one's even better, because it also addresses the possibility that people might want to manage their medication abortion on their own.

The article acknowledges that some people in the US choose to self-manage their abortions by ordering mifepristone and misoprostol from online pharmacies that aren't FDA-approved. It also includes a link to the "report card" created by the organization Plan C that compares the quality, cost, and shipping time for abortion pills ordered from several of those websites.

This is so exciting! For a lot of people, reading articles like this is the first time they realize that self-managed abortion is not only possible, but common, and that it's an option for them if for any reason they can't or don't want to see a medical professional. And once they understand that, they can spread the word to other people who need it.

Still, these articles don't really cover everything you need to know – like exactly how these medications are used, when they shouldn't be used, and what people need to know before using them. For those details, visit to read through our FAQs or send a confidential message to our counselors. You can also find key facts in the Euki reproductive health app, now available for both iOS or Android.