(Mexico) MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice


Increase awareness about the right to safe abortion for all women in Mexico and work to ensure all women in Mexico get access to safe abortion information and services, within a framework of social justice and empowerment.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

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Key projects: 

  • Direct Support: We provide support for women in Mexico to get access to information and services for safe abortion.
  • Accompaniment: Our accompaniment model aims to empower women and de-stigmatize the experience.
  • Increase awareness on right to safe abortion: through communication strategies.
  • Strengthening of networks: Organizations and individuals donating resources (time, money, work) to increase access to safe abortion.
  • Advocacy: The Fund develops publications and delivers workshops to increase tools for other activists on abortion and participate on specific activities for advocacy on abortion.

Expertise offered:

We have a manual for accompaniment from a social justice and empowerment approach. We are currently measuring the impact of our model in the reduction of individual stigma. We evaluate our support and have changed our protocol according to the needs from women. We have been successful on engaging women on the project. We have designed some communication strategies from a positive approach.

Dream project:

To change the laws across the country so that all women can feel supported by through the abortion process.



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Interested in donating to Maria Fund?

BanWire: https://banwiresecure.com/donaciones/red_maria/

or Email: redmaria@redbalance.org