(Bangladesh) Community Life


Community Life facilitates participatory and sustainable strategies of rural poor women, adolescent girl, women with disability, children, indigenous and minority groups and the disadvantaged women to enhance their rights, economic sustainability and better life leading based on self-determination, justice, peace, freedom, personal values, empowerment, capacity building with goal to eradicate poverty and hunger.
Location: Rajbari and Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Key projects:

  • Women’s Micro Investment / livelihood strengthening development program for their economic emancipation 
  • Sexual health of young people and girls, including comprehensive sex education, menstrual hygiene, and awareness creation on child and early marriage in the community
  • Reproductive health and rights awareness program 
  • Education on HIV/AIDS program 
  • Community Mobile Library Education Program and Computer & Laptop literacy for young women and girl. 
  • Program for young Girls with access in the modern technology Women’s Reproductive Health Education Training (WRHE) For TBAs, Community Family Health worker, Quack Doctors
  • Personal hygiene, pure drinking water and sanitation of rural community
  • Women’s Helpline program for providing accurate and scientific information, promotion on Mifepristone and Misoprostol for safe Medication abortion to save women’s lives                                                                                               

Expertise offered:

Misoprostol training, Hotline training and dissemination ideas, NGOs and networking, share hotline operation experience, press releases.   

Dream project:

Women’s Helpline program for provide accurate and scientific information on safe abortion, promotion on Mifepristone and Misoprostol for safe Medication abortion to save women’s lives. 

Social media: 

"Naribandhob” hotline 088+ 01853-892424 https://www.facebook.com/Naribandhobhotline

Interested in donating to Community Life:

Contact communitylifebd@yahoo.com