Ireland and emergency contraception. What can I do? Plenty sister!

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plenty sister


Contact the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland – have your say on our reproductive right to the morning after pill in Ireland!

Re(al)-Productive Health have drafted a set of guidelines  and have a produced apolicy document  regarding the improvement of accessibility of emergency contraception (the morning after pill) in Ireland. These guidelines allow for full and non-judgmental availability and access of the drug, including the amendment of Principle 1 of the Code of Conduct For Pharmacists which allows pharmacists to refuse to dispense the morning after pill if “supply to a patient is likely to be affected by the personal moral standards of a pharmacist”

If you have anything you would like to change or add to these guidelines please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

MAP your Morning After Pill experience!        

Add your morning after pill experience to our map and help others in Ireland in accessing emergency contraception in Ireland. Help to reduce the stigma surrounding access of the drug and share your story alongside other real experiences.

Get re(al)-productive in your area!

Next time you’re in a pharmacy have a look to see if emergency contraception is advertised. If not, contact the staff through phone, email or face to face conversation, and ask them if they would consider advertising the  drug if it is available.

Tell them about this campaign and about how the advertisement of emergency contraception informs us of the existence and availability of the drug in their area, as well as normalising it. Let them know that the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme and the Irish Pharmacy Union launched an advertising campaign in 2012, which includes the provision to pharmacies and universities of red posters and stickers, which read ‘Emergency contraception available here’.

Talk to us and spread the word!      

Let us know if you have any ideas for our campaign. Propose alterations/additions to our proposed alternative PSI guidance and overall policy proposals, blog for us, tell us your stories and share our campaign with your family, friends and community.