(Central and Eastern Europe) ASTRA Network


ASTRA advocates for the full implementation of sexual and reproductive health and rights with special focus on specific reality of women in Central and Eastern Europe and aims at the prioritization of SRHR on international, regional and national agendas, in particular in the EU and UN institutions.
Location: Central and Eastern Europe

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Key projects:

  • Advocacy on United Nations, Council of Europe and European Union level
  • Organizing internal capacity raising and skills building workshops
  • ASTRA prepares a monthly bulletin with the latest news on SRHR in the Central and Eastern European region. All issues are available online
  • Preparing open letters, position papers and statements for EU, CoE and UN events/officials/sessions.
  • Publishing reports, factsheets, brochures, leaflets and other advocacy materials;

Expertise offered:

Expertise on advocacy at UN and EU level, building a network, knowledge on the SRHR issues in the region etc.

Dream project:

Availability of abortion pills to all women that need them.



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Interested in donating to Astra Network?

Please contact  biuro@federa.org.pl