Yes, you can use abortion pills if...

hari Kamis, September 3, 2020 blog Share

Medication abortion is safe for most people!

Women asking question

We get a lot of questions about when people should and shouldn’t use abortion pills to end a pregnancy. Yes, there are a small number of specific health conditions that medication abortion could make worse. People who have those conditions should avoid using it. But a person can take abortion pills if...

...they’re pregnant with multiples (i.e. twins). The amount of medication and the protocol for taking it remains the same.

...they’re breastfeeding. Mifepristone has no impact on the developing fetus or on a breastfeeding infant. The amount of misoprostol that actually makes it into breast milk is so small that it will not harm the breastfeeding baby.

...they’ve given birth by Caesarian section (“C-section”). There is no evidence that a previous c-section makes abortion pills less safe or less effective if used for abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy..

...they’re larger or smaller than average. The protocols and dosages for medication abortion are exactly the same regardless of a person’s weight, height, or size.

...they’re transgender. Anyone with a uterus can use abortion pills.

...they’re HIV+. Someone with HIV may be at higher risk of infection or anemia, so they should take iron pills before using abortion pills and antibiotics afterwards, but they can still use abortion pillsto end a pregnancy safely.

...they have Rh negative blood. A person who is Rhesus negative and more than 9 weeks pregnant should get a RhoGAM shot on the day they take the medications, or if that’s not possible, within 72 hours of the abortion if they plan to have a baby in the future[SY1] .

Abortion pills have been available for decades and have been taken by millions of people without clinical supervision, and they are some of the most studied medicines in the world. The research shows that for most people, medication abortion is both effective and safe.

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