(Thailand) Tamtang Group


Thai women and other nationality in Thailand (and Thai women outside Thailand) access to non-biased information needed about access to safe abortion, can make consent decision and well-prepared in access to safe abortion service. Campaign for Rights of women in access to safe abortion using message from the point of view of affected person and stake holders (women who need abortion, had abortion).
Location: Thailand

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Key projects:

  • Anonymous telephone counseling for women in all ages and classes to access to safe abortion.
  • A blog space to give direct info in casual style for women who seek abortion and be a space for women to share their experiences, feelings and concern about abortion for both who seek abortion and did abortion.
  • Social mobilization for support to women’s right to safe abortion

Expertise offered:

  • Telephone counseling skills and techniques for safe abortion counseling
  • To build the audience to website to make it reach target group (get on top of the list when search)

Dream project:

  • Connection to people/organizations or help in capacity building for person/organization to provide counseling/services to safe abortion service in Thailand.
  • Create different form of media (ie;digital, paper, among others) to reach women with different lifestyles so they can understand about access to safe abortion service.




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