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Self-managed abortion via the internet: Analysis of one year of service delivery data from Women Help WomenTara Shochet, Lucía Berro Pizzarossa, Sara Larrea, Jennifer Blum, Kinga Jelinska, Rodica Comendant, Irina Sagaidac (2023), Gates Open Research


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“It's not a seven-headed beast”: abortion experience among women that received support from helplines for medication abortion in restrictive settings. , , &

Requests for medication abortion support in Brazil during and after the Zika epidemic. Alexandra Wollum, Sara Larrea, Caitlin Gerdts & Kinga Jelinska (2020) Global Public Health

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Why self-managed abortion is so much more than a provisional solution for times of pandemic. Mariana Prandini Assis & Sara Larrea (2020) Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

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Self-Managed Abortion: Strategies for Support by a Global Feminist Movement, Naomi Braine & Marissa Velarde (2022) Women's Reproductive Health


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