Asia Safe Abortion Partnership


ASAP promotes, protects and advances women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health in Asia by reducing unsafe abortion and its complications.
Location: Mumbai, India (Asia Pacific)

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Key projects:

Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) has served as a forum for information sharing, strategic thinking and planning. We have developed a significant on-line and social media presence and work to bring together for our members and partners accurate data, information, and opportunities for advocacy and capacity building.

ASAP also works in collaboration with key partners to build synergies and create appropriate tools and forums for ensuring visibility and legitimacy to the issue of safe abortion access.

ASAP is a co-founder of the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion. ASAP tries to create a critical mass of change agents (among young people and providers of safe abortion services) through institutes and workshops, along with ongoing mentoring and small grants, who can then work at country level, among their own sphere of influence as well as in key professional bodies and contribute to discussions and advocacy at the regional level. ASAP collaborates with Women on Waves and Women on Web to support local partners to run telephone Hotlines for information on Misoprostol. 

Expertise offered:

Capacity building in advocacy, technical / medical information / Setting up monitoring and evaluation frameworks/ networking

Dream project:

Media mentoring programs where our country members can work with key media persons to build their capacity on understanding safe abortion as a human rights and gender issue and supporting / mentoring these media persons to provide visibility to safe abortion in a positive and progressive way.


Social media:!/asapasia

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