Safe Abortion Hotline "Ms Rosy" in Nigeria is there to help you get a safe abortion with pills.

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Our partner, GIWYN Nigeria, with whom Women Help Woem trained in a safe abortion hotline workshop in 2014, celebrates their hotline by re-launching it.

Check out their website here. 

And see the video:

ms rosy hotline

ms rosy hotline 2

This is a Re -Launch of MS ROSY HOT-LINE !! GIWYN and the Coalition member organizations are re-launching Ms Rosy Hot-line to commemorate the September 28th Campaign. .Ms Rosy was established in 2014(sponsored by SAFE ABORTION ACTION FUND (SAAF) and facilitated by WOMEN HELP WOMEN (WHW) with the desire to put information in the hands of women in order to save their lives from pregnancy and birth related complications and issues. Ms Rosy Hot-line gives information about women's reproductive health rights. It was formally launched on 27th September 2014. This hot-line creates a violence free platform for women and girls seeking information on their reproductive rights. It puts power and decision into the hands of women. “Ms Rosy Hot-line gives free and reliable information about women’s Reproductive Health and Safe Choices. It is not a medical service itself. This Hotline is an information service that responds to the needs of women in need of Reproductive Health information.

Women themselves must act to expand access to reliable Reproductive Health information. This hotline is a resource for women. WOMEN CAN ACT NOW, THEY CAN CALL MS ROSY HOT-LINE FOR INFORMATION TO SAFE THEIR LIVES (08097737600 OR 8097738001.. All the information given by Ms Rosy is based on objective research of the World Health Organization, and intended for women of reproductive age
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