Pandemic sends demand for abortion pills skyrocketing

月曜日, 七月 27, 2020 blog Share

Requests exploded in first month of US shutdown

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It’s one thing to predict that state abortion restrictions and fear of exposure to COVID-19 would combine during the pandemic to drive up interest in medication abortion. It’s another thing entirely to see the proof.

According to researchers, Aid Access, which ships abortion pills to people seeking a self-managed abortion, got 27% more requests in the first month of the pandemic from people across the US. In Ohio, requests for help from Aid Access rose by almost 22%. In Tennessee, they increased by more than 24%. And in Texas, they nearly doubled, growing by 94%.

There are lots of possible reasons why demand for abortion pills grew so much in so little time. Some states have used the medical emergency to double down on their already onerous restrictions on abortion. People are also nervous about taking transit (or going out in public at all), struggling to find transportation, or having a hard time finding child care during a clinic appointment at a time when everyone needs to limit contact with anyone outside their immediate household.

If states are going to continue responding to the pandemic by making abortion even harder to access, seeking out abortion pills and information about how to use them safely and effectively at home makes a lot more sense than waiting and hoping for the public health emergency to disappear so you can go to a clinic. If you’re considering self-managed abortion – or want to be prepared just in case you need one – we’re here to help. You can get the information you need on our website,, and on the Euki reproductive health app, now available in English and Spanish for iOS and Android.