SASS Gets Into a Vicious Cycle

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 blog Share

Check out our latest guest appearance on a podcast!

Listening to podcast

Vicious Cycle is a podcast about “periods and the people who get them.” It’s funny, snarky, and focused on the facts – and a recent episode about abortion pills featured SASS spokeswoman Susan Yanow discussing everything from why so many people have never heard of abortion pills to what she does to cope with the stress of watching abortion restrictions pile up.

Grab your earbuds and enjoy the conversation, which digs into what abortion pills are, how they work, and why they’re the future of abortion access, no matter how complicated that future currently looks. Along the way, we talk about where people have been finding them, why they’re safe to use at home, and some surprising other ways they’re sold and used.

We wrap up the conversation by acknowledging that abortion rights in the US are backsliding right now, but that the future is not hopeless. Find out what we expect will have to happen to start turning things around – and where we can find hope in the meantime.

We promise that listening to this episode of Vicious Cycle will teach you at least one new thing about abortion pills that you didn’t already know, even if it’s just an explanation of the mysterious stamp on some misoprostol tablets that looks vaguely like a heart. (Hint: it’s not a heart.) Check it out!