(DR Congo) Congolese Organization for Protection of Oppressed people and environment


OCPO-asbl fight for dignity and sanitary, social and economic well being to oppressed people in a compatible environment with the life, especially girls and women.
Location: Uvira city, South-Kivu province, DR Congo

Key projects: 

Health and food security, education, human rights, alphabetization, capacity building, socioeconomic reinsertion of vulnerable groups, ecology, infrastructures, peace and reconciliation, search and development.

Expertise offered:

  • Contraception services:emergency one and others 
  • Providing safe abortions 
  • Training on the correct use of misoprostol to health professionals, wise women and women in our area 
  • Working for the availability and accessibility of misoprostol to necessitous in our city 
  • Develop different strategies of communicating and helping mothers in urgent situations about their sexual and reproductive health according to the local context 

Dream project:

Multidimensional project of information, training and advocacy for the participation of all in the amelioration of girl’s and women’s life conditions in sexual and reproductive health matter.


Social media: 

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