A New World of Abortion Information

Lunes, Junio 6, 2022 blog Share

Responding to restrictions with more resources.


As the US careens toward a future where abortion care is accessible in some states but criminalized in others, people can no longer wait until they need an abortion to figure out how to get one. They need to have a plan ahead of time – and, if they can, help others make their own plans, too.

It’s never been more important for everyone who can get pregnant to have information about their options. So we’re grateful to see that the question of how people can get the abortion care they need is getting a lot more attention. These are just a few of the things we’ve spotted recently:

  • An entire issue of New York magazine dedicated to abortion access: finding and getting to a clinic, using abortion pills, avoiding fake clinics and bad advice, and more.
  • An article in The Atlantic about how people are sharing information about self-managed abortion.
  • A Wired guide to abortion resources.
  • An article in Vice about staying safe while searching for and sharing abortion information.
  • A comic in The Nib about safe self-managed abortion with pills.
  • A YouTube video about how activists are working across the US-Mexico border to get abortion pills to Texans who need them.
  • And even a t-shirt from Shout Your Abortion that lets you share information about self-managed abortion without saying a word.

We’re not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by saying this moment of crisis has a silver lining. But we’ll take a tiny bit of comfort from knowing that more people are learning that the end of Roe doesn’t have to mean the end of bodily autonomy for everyone with a working uterus.