Have You Heard?

Domingo, Septiembre 19, 2021 blog Share

Listen and learn with some great podcasts about abortion!


If you want to learn more about abortion and reproductive justice, but you’re short on time, why not try a podcast? Just pop in your earbuds and hit play, and the information will pour straight into your earholes while you wait for the bus or fold socks at the laundromat. And they’re oh so easy to share with your like-minded friends.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few things we’ve been listening to lately:

“It Could Happen Here” is a podcast that looks at far-right extremism – including two recent episodes about abortion. If you’re wondering why evangelicals want to limit access to both abortion and birth control, “The Religious Right’s War on Abortion” explains the history behind it. (Hint: it’s not really about abortion.) And if you just want to jump straight to what ordinary people can do about it, “Enabling Self Managed Abortion in Your Community” talks about how people are getting around state restrictions on abortion care. (And if what you hear sounds interesting, you might enjoy one of our virtual trainings!)

In the “Now & Then” podcast, two award-winning history professors who obviously love their work connect the dots between US history and current events. Their recent episode on “Abortion: Whose Choice?” walks us through 250 years of American attitudes about abortion and how it intersects with other issues like slavery, immigration, and civil rights. By the end, you’ll understand how we ended up with a Texas law that turns ordinary people into abortion snitches...and some possible ways to fight it.

The “RePROS Fight Back” podcast is a big juicy grab bag! Start with the episode on “Demystifying Self-Managed Abortion,” which debunks the myths about SMA, discusses barriers to care, and explains what people can do to increase abortion access. Then check out some of the other episodes, which cover everything from sex education to DC statehood as a reproductive justice issue.

And we don’t want to forget Self Managed: An Abortion Story, an 8-episode podcast that dives deep into every aspect of self-managed abortion. From the different ways people choose to perform their own abortions to global activism around making abortion pills more accessible, this podcast has it. And if you have more questions after listening, every episode has a page on the companion website with links to resources where you can learn more about the topic that episode covers.

Happy listening!