Your Abortion, Your Business

Domingo, Febrero 7, 2021 blog Share

Tips to keep your research and planning safe and private.

Woman keeping secret

Whether you’re making an appointment at a clinic, reading up on how to get and use abortion pills safely, making sure no one can interfere with your plans beforehand, or preventing someone from giving you grief about it after the fact, your reasons for wanting information about abortion are nobody’s business but your own.

Keep it that way! Here’s how:

Use Signal for free, secure texting and phone calls.

Use Protonmail for free, secure email.

Use DuckDuckGo for private searches without online tracking.

Read the Surveillance Self-Defense guide to online privacy. It’s easy to understand and updated regularly with recommendations for the safest online communication tools – and instructions on how to install and use them properly.

Get free information about the law and self-managed abortion online, by phone, or through a secure form.

Look up information on the Euki reproductive health app, which is available in English and Spanish for iOS and Android. It doesn’t send information off your phone. It’s also password-protected, and you can even put in a fake password to show something other than your personal information

Learn about safe self-managed abortion with pills at If our FAQs don’t answer your questions, we also have a confidential portal where you can ask our  counselors anonymous questions and get a reply that vanishes so no one can read it later.

Protecting your privacy is an important part of your self-care as you research and plan your abortion. We’re here to help!