(DR Congo) Reseau d'Action et d'Information Pour Les Femmes: RAIF


Mission: Promotion of the reproductive and sexual health of women and girls, promotion of integrated development, promotion of Women's Rights and Economic Independence, promotion of women in decision-making in political institutions, promotion of women's formal and informal education, fight against poverty and control, prevention, training and awareness of the scourge of HIV and other endemic diseases

City/Country: Democratic Republic of Congo, Region: Uvira, Sud–Kivu

Key Projects:

- Provide a solution to vulnerable conditions in the territory of Uvira and its surroundings

- Promote women's rights and their socio-economic independence

- Enabling the vulnerable and underprivileged population to access micro-credit

- Ensure women's access to communication, power and decision-making in state institutions

- Contributing to the improvement of maternal and child health

- Advocacy on the reproductive and sexual health of women with national, provincial and local authorities

Expertise Offered:

- For other organizations we want them to come together in our program to lead our fight on reproductive health and sexual rights

Dream Project:

- Advocacy on reproductive health and sexual rights

- Awareness and training on the concept of reproductive health and sexual rights

Interested in Donating to RAIF?

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