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    Here are answers to the questions that people most frequently have about medical abortion, contraception and emergency contraception. If the information you are looking for is not here, please write to us. 더 보기 »

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    Women Help Women Partners   including Safe Abortion Hotlines International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion  Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights Abortion Laws Map Abortion Laws around the World International Planned Parenthood Federation  Marie Stopes International  … 더 보기 »

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    Requests for medication abortion support in Brazil during and after the Zika epidemic. Alexandra Wollum, Sara Larrea, Caitlin Gerdts & Kinga Jelinska (2020) Global Public Health For any inquiries or article access, please contact the authors.   Why… 더 보기 »

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    PUBLIC HEALTH: About 215 million women worldwide have unmet contraceptive needs. Women have various reasons for not wanting to become pregnant. Some wish to delay having children while some wish not to be parents at any point. Many women are parents already but feel they cannot expand their… 더 보기 »

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    Information on this website and sent by Women Help Women is based on scientific research.
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