Women Help Women is about Access, Information and Activism.


Women Help Women is an international group of activists, trained counselors and non-profit organizations and foundations. We bridge the gap between reproductive rights advocacy efforts and service provision.

Feminists around the world are cooperating to put reproductive health products, such as contraceptives and medical abortion, into women’s hands, where they belong. Access to products and reliable information empowers women who share and women who receive knowledge.

Women Help Women works to make ACCESS easier and rooted in your choices, INFORMATION more reliable and based on the most current standards, and ACTIVISM more collaborative and powerful.

*WHW recognizes that transgender, intersex and gender non-binary people also experience pregnancy and need abortion care. We work to ensure that our activism and services are gender-inclusive and we strive to be a respectful and responsive environment to any trans- or non-binary person who contacts us. We understand that our organizational name may not convey this.


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